Max Ophüls Prize 2013
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Fantasy Filmfest 2013
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Bernhard Wicki Prize 2013

German Trade Union Federation Prize 2013

Int. Filmfest Emden 2013
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Biberacher Filmfest 2013



Germany in the near future. After the collapse of the EU the country is heavily stricken. The social security systems have collapsed, a large part of the population is sinking into poverty. Alex (Ken Duken), a special investigator of the police, and his partner Sophie (Dagny Dewath) scrutinize the top manager of the DNB Bank, Rainer van Kampen (Thomas Thieme), whose speculations have ruined thousands of small investors. Despite overwhelming evidence no action is taken against him because van Kampen's political connections are too powerful. Furthermore Alex's sister is in despair because of an imminent forced eviction and she commits suicide.
Alex just sees one way to stop the practices of the bank: He must become a criminal himself. Still working as a policeman he robs the branch offices of the DNB Bank together with other criminals he could win for his case, and distributes the money amongst the poor. Mercenaries of the bank are on the hunt for him, his colleague Sophie, too, is close on his heels. She does not suspect anything about Alex's double life – until he has to make the decision to reveal his true identity for his beliefs.










100 Min
Arri Alexa, 2,40:1
Venice Pictures, Ufa Fiction
Martin Schreier
Florian Schumacher, Martin Schreier
Sebastian Sawetzki, Nico Hofmann, Katrin Goetter
Christian Balz (ProSieben)
Markus Nestroy
Ken Duken (LR), Dagny Dewath (LR), Matthias Koeberlin, Stipe Erceg, Vincenz Kiefer, David Steffen, Melanie Blocksdorf, Andreas Hofer, Thomas Thieme

"Rise and rise again until lambs become lions"

The legend about Robin Hood is immortal, and there are only few other stories throughout the world that have gained a similar popularity. ROBIN HOOD's fight for timeless values and ideals such as freedom, justice and the liberation from tyranny has a great attraction on people and livens up the interest just in modern times. The numerous Robin Hood books and films of recent years show that the legend has lost nothing from its worldwide popularity and its huge potential of characterization and interpretation. There is hardly anybody who has not heard of Robin Hood in any way. Financial crisis, economic crisis, debt crisis. Europe's politicians are bewildered and faced with a severe problem. The gap between poor and rich is widening. The chances for getting a job, an own house, a decent pension, a good start for the children are getting smaller and smaller. It has been a long time since the state of the economy showed how well people were. Today one has little to do with the other. The economy is well, many people are not! However, the persons concerned think that their position is their individual fate or their own failure. Therefore, their common situation does not bring about an awareness that urges them to take action. Now the people need someone who fights for them. - ROBIN HOOD - ROBIN HOOD is responsive to the modern fears and desires of the people and conveys a five-century-old legend into our time. In doing so the film is not afraid to address politically sensitive topics that are, on the other hand, interwoven skilfully into an amusing plot. Our hero is a man-in-the-street who proves his courage to stand up for his ideals, desires and hopes – a man who each and every one of us secretly wants to be. As revolutionary as the idea is also the combination of the parties involved. In cooperation with the Federal State of Baden-Wuerttemberg and the Film Academy the private television station ProSieben is investing for the first time in the students' generation with the belief in generating an international cinema/TV film. I could acquire Nico Hofmann as a strong partner who accompanied me as a mentor during my studies and is now producing Robin Hood together with me. - Budget below 1 million euros - The two Oscar-nominated friends Sebastian Sawetzki (producer) and Martin Schreier (director) have developed ROBIN HOOD together since 2010 and could acquire an exceptionally well-known cast including Ken Duken, Matthias Koeberlin, Vinzenz Kiefer, Stipe Erceg, Thomas Thieme and others. Martin Schreier and I have already called attention to our sense of cineastic vividness and, at the same time, sensitive dealing with characters in our film "The Night Father Christmas Died". Our talent to generate a great visual appeal with little funds set our hope on a congenial realization of this unusual project. Our motto is "Entertainment with approach" Sebastian Sawetzki – Producer

Interview Martin Schreier

What can the viewer expect from your modern adaptation of Robin Hood?

Robin Hood is supposed to thrill the viewers and take them on an emotional rollercoaster and not let them go before the curtain drops, which is in accordance with the tradition of my great teachers, Spielberg and Cameron. Furthermore I hope that the important topic of the film will be in the viewers' minds for quite some time. We want to tell a serious dystopia that we all might face soon. Nevertheless the film provides a great love story, humor and action. It is our aim to tell a great cineastic adventure despite all financial resistances. I am very glad that we as students receive so much support for our diploma film to be able to implement the first modern version of Robin Hood.

Why do you want to tell the story NOW?

In today's world values have got lost in many fields of the society and we are just following the call for money, power and social reputation. However, you are aware of the people's strong desire for a hero. We can see more and more riots of hopeless social classes as was recently the case in England. As the discrepancy between poor and rich is getting bigger and bigger further conflicts are impending. We are more and more approaching a dead end and civil-war-like conditions. If leading economic experts are right, the big economic and financial crisis is yet to come. Our world has been ruled by the kings of the Wall Street at Goldman Sachs & Morgan Stanley for a long time. The politicians are incapable of acting which is no surprise because, for example, the money of the biggest German banks is more than the whole amount of public debts in Germany. Therefore it is obvious what the balance of power is like. In order to prevent big riots it is necessary to change thinking quickly and reestablish values and morals for which we do need a Robin Hood more than ever.

What do you want to achieve with your film for the viewers?

I want to raise the viewers' awareness for that topic. In doing so it is important for me not only to get through to the people who are aware of that injustices but also to those who are not so interested in political topics. Therefore our film will be very amusing and interesting for a broad audience. Apart from the important message the film will include a lot of humor, action and a tragically nice love story. In addition to that it is supposed to touch the heart of the people. Apart from giving the film a good entertainment value and visual appeal it is my great intention to tell a sensitive and emotional story about a man who leaves everything behind to change something.

What is the dilemma of your main character Alex?

Alex is a policeman and as such has a strong belief in law and justice. However, he has to recognize that his belief in our legal system is an illusion. Therefore he has to abandon everything that he stands for as a policeman to be able to defend that which he believes. However, he casts doubt on this decision again and again, not least because of his colleague Sophie who thinks that Robin Hood is just a common criminal. Alex loves Sophie and is afraid to lose her because of his double-dealing. He becomes more and more aware that he cannot continue to be the radiant hero because his methods turn him into a criminal. Is he really better than those he is hunting down? Alex lies to Sophie because he pretends to be the law-abiding policeman. whilst at the same time he is leaving his team in the dark about his real job And then there is also Nicole who hates her uncle because he, as a policeman, couldn't prevent the death of her mother. Alex is getting more and more into a play and hides behind a mask that must and will slip sometime. But then he will lose everything.

How do you want to implement this future story visually?

We are going to tell a story about a fictitious city in Germany. An urban moloch where rich and poor live much closer together than today. We use Frankfurt as the setting for Nottingham Castle. The glass palaces there are wonderful symbols for the castles of the kings and oligarchs at the time. We are going to draw the story in thrilling and artistically demanding pictures. My partner for many years, cameraman Markus Nestroy, will do everything together with the creative team so that Robin 2k does not only tell the story but also impresses the Hollywood-spoilt audience visually.

What are the most emotional and thrilling moments for you?

For me the quiet and emotional nuances are the centerpiece of the film. I'm telling a story about people in an extreme situation and how they handle it. The scenes between Alex and his sister Rebecca, who commits suicide in the film, are amongst the most touching scenes for me. At the example of Rebecca we show the fate of a mother who breaks up because she cannot cater for her child. Another highlight of the story for me is the love story between Alex and Sophie that is doomed to failure. The core however is Alex's conflict to make a decision for one side. But I also look forward to the various action scenes that present us with an enormous challenge and will hopefully thrill the viewers extremely.

Can you tell us something about the antagonist?

Van Kampen, the top manager of a bank, is also an enormously exciting character. Although van Kampen is the distinct antagonist for our hero, we try to avoid the stereotype of the 'bad' manager. We want to show a differentiated character that is just a puppet and prisoner in the huge international economic structure. What does somebody feel who controls the fate of thousands of people when he is forced to make immoral decisions?

Premiere at Max Ophülsfilmfestival 2013